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Prevent costly product recalls and scrap by ensuring the presence, position and quality of the code on every pack.

Designed for medium to high-volume thermal transfer SmartDate applications on your packaging machine, Detect-Plus is a stand-alone, embedded print and detect solution that ensures traceability and code quality on your products.

Checks code quality directly on the pack

  • Handling up to 350 packs per minute at maximum resolution, the Detect-Plus solution copes with the highest coding speeds.
  • Detect-Plus checks the presence, position and quality of the printed code directly on your pack ensuring the finished product’s branding is not compromised.
  • Detect-Plus automatically detects errors in real time and ensures there are no missed codes. Its user-configurable ‘line stop’ functionality reduces rework and scrap.

Simple to install on any packaging machine

  • The Detect-Plus solution has been designed to be fitted on a majority of packaging machines and environments.
  • The Detect-Plus is a ‘plug and play’ solution that is available for medium to high-speed intermittent and continuous packaging line applications on both existing and new SmartDate X40 and SmartDate X60 equipment.
  • Choose from a wide variety of SmartDate X-Series ribbons to achieve high reliability and printing quality, even on the most challenging flexible packaging materials.

Integrated, cost-effective fault system

  • Detect-Plus requires no external software to be integrated. The system automatically detects errors in real time and makes certain there are no missed codes. It is also compatible with ribbon save modes providing greater optimization of cost and quality.



Print. Check. Confirm. ✔

Detect-Plus is available with this coder

The solution checks presence, position and quality of the code on the packaging itself.
Available for SmartDate X40 and SmartDate X60 coders.

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