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COVID-19 | Updated on March 19th, 2020

Taking care of Markem-Imaje employees

"At Markem-Imaje, we are people first, and in extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances, nothing is more important than the care, safety and health of our employees and their loved ones." -wrote our CEO Vincent Vanderpoel in a letter to all employees in light of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

We have implemented a contingency plan in order to protect our employees and ensure their safety. Such as encouraging and enabling work from home. Cancelling all non-essential travel. Educating our people on personal health and safety measures issued by the World Health Organization. And of course, everywhere across the world Markem-Imaje is strictly applying any local restrictions and governmental instructions.

To keep up with the rapidly evolving situation, we are issuing regular communications to our employees around the world about the latest precautionary measures and guidelines.

Ensuring business continuity

We recognize Markem-Imaje plays a key part in ensuring business continuity, compliance and safety in the production of essential goods, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical products, and many more. Our mission to “keep things running” for you, our customers, is amplified in the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Therefore, we are taking measures to ensure business continuity, which include:

  • Supply Chain continuity across the value chain. From closely working with our suppliers, our own production, and down to our logistics partners to get consumables and spare parts to your sites around the globe, and onto your packaging lines.
  • Technical Support continuity, either remote via our Helpdesks or on-site via our network of skilled Technicians for critical interventions – while strictly applying required health & safety precautions.
  • Commercial assistance and availability for your inquiries via our Account Managers and our trusted and accredited Distribution Partner staff around the world.
  • Continuity of all other supporting functions – essentially all interaction with Markem-Imaje staff you are used to, as well as all essential back-office functions that keep things running for you in the background.

Our commitment to you, and to the compliance and safety of your products, is especially true in these times of the global Coronavirus pandemic. Please reach out to us with any further inquiries.

Stay safe and healthy.

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