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Priority to flexibility

Spumador, an Italian company specializing in mineral water and fizzy soft drinks, wanted to improve the efficiency and safety of its production process. To help achieve this, it opted for SMILE, Markem-Imaje's all-inclusive service program.

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9028: Simple and smart!

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GS1-128: Tracking and tracing down the supply chain

Increasingly, major retail and foodservice outlets are pressing suppliers to use the GS1-128 international coding standard to automate depot management. Offering various technical solutions, Markem-Imaje is providing industrialists with the means to adapt to these new requirements.
Although no law requires the GS1-128 standard to be respected, major retail and foodservice outlets highly recommend its implementation to automate management of depots and flow of goods. Beyond supply chain optimization, the standard guarantees traceability for each product, a measure which is now essential in the wake of recent health scandals. Pressed by groups such as Tesco and M&S, automation has taken off in the UK, is growing in France with the explosion of drive-throughs and should become generalized in the US in 2015. The main sectors concerned are the food, beverage and cosmetics industries.
A solution for every case
Based on stringent specifications - position on packaging, content described by a GS1-128 barcode, SSCC, grade C readability or better etc. - GS1-128 helps identify supply chain units in standardized fashion (pallets, packs, wrapping films). The challenge for industrialists is to implement solutions which respect these various requirements while minimizing investment costs that cannot be passed on by industrialists to distributors via invoicing. 
First solution: direct printing on packs using the 5800 inkjet coder. Barcodes are 100% readable and Touch Dry® inks used are solvent-free and instantly dry. Second solution: printing and applying  labels using a 2200 system that can print up to 125 packs/min and 120 pallets/hr - an ideal solution for wrapping films. Various applicators are proposed to meet different needs, including the brand new High Speed Flex, featuring innovative and reliable electric technology which makes it possible to apply a label at high speed on the front of a pack without swiveling.
Whatever solution is chosen, a software addition such as CoLOS Enterprise makes it possible to link, manage and control all coders. This optimization process enables automated message selection, provides secure data integrity, reduces human input and ensures direct connection to corporate ERP systems.
Solutions perfectly tailored to each business sector!
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Exchange or repair?

Two fast and efficient repair services to help you keep your line going…

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