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A major pillar of Markem-Imaje’s sustainable development policy is the environmental performance of its various production sites. This performance is at the heart of an ambitious improvement project between now and 2013. The objective is to achieve tangible results in five areas:  energy efficiency, waste production, water consumption, emission control and carbon footprint.
Less emissions
Less than 2.5 % of VOC (volatile organic compounds) emitted in the atmosphere with regards to quantities used.
Less energy
A 20% improvement in energy efficiency of all production facilities vs. 2010 via efficient staff training and close consumption monitoring.
Less waste
The objective is to reach a 20% improvement vs. 2010 by proactively investigating new activities and practices in waste management processes.
Less water
Again improvement of 20% vs. 2010 via innovative recycling norms applied all along the manufacturing process.

Reduced carbon footprint

The objective will be set in line with Dover’s action plan launched at the group level for all its companies.

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